Odds & Ends

Five on Friday Eater Edition

I have a few odds & ends to share with y’all today.

1. These photos of tiny snails made my day.  I mean…wow!

2. This is probably the most awesome pantry ever. It makes mine look very, very sad.

3. Do you ever want to fake a clean house? No, just me? A laundry basket and a little closet space will do wonders. Also, the bit about the pillows is my go-to. I just can’t handle it if our pillows are all floppy and out of place.

4. I talked about staying motivated as a hobbyist photographer earlier this week and then I totally fell off the wagon and missed two days of my photo-a-day project. That’s okay. I think I’ll just skip ‘em.


ONE. I’m on day 10 of my first gel manicure and so far, so good. I should be able to go a full two weeks no problem, maybe stretch it out to 20 days or so. They still look great, but my nails are growing and you can see the empty space below the polish.

TWO. Dallas is a green wonderland. Finally. We put Caroline in the stroller and walked to dinner tonight. It was beautiful. The thing about spring in Dallas is that you have to enjoy every minute because you just know you’re about to wake up to 85 degree mornings and 100 degrees days and then there’s no turning back. Live it up while you can!

THREE. We’re hunting Easter eggs on Saturday. I asked the bunny to come early and everything. This will allow us to only do church on Sunday and spend the rest of the day relaxing and not worrying about making it to egg hunts and brunch and pushing Caroline until she turns into a crazy person. Although that will probably still happen. Because she’s two.

FOUR. I bought a pair of tall heels a few weeks ago and I’ve worn them twice this week in an attempt to look taller and more put-together. I used to wear heels daily but now my feet are killing me. They’re just so dang used to their flats and sneakers. I blame motherhood. :)

FIVE. I’ve been trying to get to bed early lately so that it’s easier for me to get up early – you know, just get into a good sleeping routine. But I’ve been foiled by Andrew who is often still awake at 9:30 or even later. The other night he said, “Mom. I just don’t want to sleep. There’s so much other stuff to dooooooo.” And I wanted to cry because I totally get it. But I’m tired.

I hope your Easter weekend is blessed, and that you feel the strength of God’s love and grace for each and every one of us. Yes, even you.


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Project 365, March 23 – April 5

Back again with the photos of our everyday. I’m going to try to split these up a bit because I have quite a few days to catch up on. :)

(I’m taking a photo a day (of my kids, mostly) with my Canon 7D in 2014. Join me!)

Our everydays have been jam packed lately, but they’ve been full of fun, and lots of laughter and evenings outside. We have to work them in now, while it’s still cool and mosquito-free enough. :)

Project 365 Day 82

“All My People Together” 82 // 365

Project 365 Day 83

“Lunch with Caroline” 83 // 365

Project 265 Day 84

“Post Swimming Dinner in a Robe” 84 // 365

Project 365 Day 85

 ”Birthday Presents are Awesome” 85 // 365

Project 365 Day 86

“Caroline’s First Crazy Tennis Lesson” 86 // 365

Project 365 Day 87

“Tootsies” 87 // 365

Project 365 Day 88

“Cheese Love + Dinner Party” 88 // 36

Project 365 Day 89

“Cutie” 89 // 365

Project 365 Day 90

“Sweet Smile Face” 90 // 365

Project 365 Day 91

“Fuzzy’s. Our New Tuesday Night Hangout.” 91 // 365

Silly Faces

“Five Year Checkup!” 92 // 365

Project 365 Day 93

“April Cardio Challenge – Grrrrr” 93 // 365

Project 365 Day 94

“Dino Museum with Mimi!” 94 // 365

Project 365 Day 95

“Brrrrrrrrr” 95  // 365

Kindle on a Rainy Day

“A Cold Rainy Weekend” 96 // 365

Nurse Loves Farmer

Staying Motivated as a Hobbyist Photographer

Feeling the Photography Motivation

I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired, photography wise, for the last month or so. Maybe longer?

You know when you get really wrapped up in something and love it so much that you drop all the other stuff? I’ve been really wrapped up in learning Illustrator and designing stuff, creating Andrew’s birthday party, shopping for spring clothes, growing this little blog again, trying to survive Caroline’s toddlerhood, having friends over for dinner, working out more than normal, drinking lots of coffee, making more salads, going to bed early and reading real books.

Feeling the photography motivation

These are all great things. Truly, things I want to make more time for in my life. But they’re not photography. They’re not capturing the joy on Andrew’s face on Christmas morning. They’re not looking for just the right light and doing a little happy dance when you see that glow in you kid’s eyes. They’re not pulling out your camera, looking at the scene and knowing what your settings need to be without a second thought.

They’re not spending time reading photography forums like Clickin Moms and The Photographer Within and taking workshops to grown and learn.

And I think that’s okay as long as it’s a short season. 

Feeling the photography motivation

As (enthusiastic) hobbyist photographers we face the challenge of being our own motivators.

There are no clients who call when their baby is born. There are no clients who book us for their wedding six months down the road. There are no magazines hounding us for content for their summer editions. We set our own goals, our own timelines.

Feeling the photography motivation

I’ve been teaching myself how to take pretty photos of my kids for over four years now. I seem to go through phases of high motivation and phases of real apathy. Right now? I’m just not really feeling it. I think summer will help. We’ll be outside at the pool, grilling out and playing in the sprinklers.


The days will be really long and full of hazy sunshine.

I’m also afraid my 365 Project has had the undesired effect of me snapping one quick photo and then thinking I don’t have to pick my camera back up. Well, I got one. I’m done for the day.

Starting today I’m going to change that thinking. I’m going to pick up my camera anytime I see something beautiful. If I have lots of pictures to choose from? Well, the more the merrier. And photos like these of Caroline from last week don’t hurt either. She’s so sneaky, hiding from my camera all the time, but this day she was playful and fun and let me capture her spark so perfectly.

Feeling the photography motivation

And that’s what I’m reaching for. That’s what motivates me.


What motivates you to keep learning and growing?