At the Pumpkin Patch

We had a super fun, pumpkin-filled weekend. It was just what I needed after my crazy day on Friday.

We headed to Owens Spring Creek Farm in Richardson. We wanted a place where we could pick out pumpkins and take a hayride and it more than delivered.

We got to ride a little train and Andrew said this was his favorite part.


And here was the hayride. Andrew was mostly excited about the tractor.



And sweet Caroline got to take a Moby Wrap ride.


My favorite part was feeding the goats…but that’s because I just watched and took pictures. Those goats are kind of dirty. :)


And then it was time to pick out our pumpkins.




He even got to stand next to the little tractor that was dropping off new pumpkins.


I’m pretty sure that made his whole day. :)

We had so much fun together! The weather was perfect and Andrew was so good! Even Caroline had a good time, staying awake most of the afternoon.

Tonight we’re off to do a little trick or treating with my sister and her family and I’m sure we’ll eat way too much candy.

Happy Halloween!

Sweet Shot Day

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  1. says

    The last picture of Andrew makes me see so much of your grandmother in him ( the photo you posted of her in her memory). Maybe it’s the smile and the angle of his head but it really stood out to me. What a fun day you had! So sorry about your Rangers, I was really pulling for them! At least we still have another Eagle-Cowboy game to look forward to this year! :-)

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