Sourdough Fail



I’m not exactly sure what went wrong, but whatever it was, it was terribly important.

Yesterday Andrew and I watched the Steve the Bread Guy video so Andrew was expecting tall fluffy bread.

I think he was a little disappointed, but he was very sweet about it.


He even told me he thought it was yummy after I ripped a hard chunk of it off to let him try.


I’m thinking that my starter just needs time to grow and get a little stronger. I’m planning to make a batch of crackers with it tomorrow. They don’t need to rise much so surely I’ll have better luck.

I’m afraid I’ll never be mistaken for a baker, but I’m not giving up!

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  1. […] things at home makes me nervous because it’s quite possible they won’t turn out, see: sourdough fail, and then I will have just wasted all that time and we’ll have turkey sandwiches […]

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