Simple Bento Lunches, February 24 – 28

We’re moving into spring here in Dallas. I say that, and today we’re home from school on a “snow” day. (Caroline wanted to make snow angels, but since there’s not a speck of snow out there she was pretty disappointed.) So even if it is freezing today, our lunches will still start to reflect the changing seasons a bit.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about our lunches or supplies!

February 24, 2014

Fresh and Colorful Spring Bentos

Andrew’s lunch was so pretty packed in the Lunchbots Duo! He had a sliced cucumbers with ranch for dipping in the little rainbow cup, a mix of berries, pretzels and turkey dog bites. I included a lime wedge food pick from this set to really brighten it up. This was a super easy and fast lunch for a Monday morning.

February 25, 2014

Colorful Fresh Bentos

Caroline’s lunch was packed in the two-tier frog box. I sent her with apple slices, (soaked in lemon water for a few minutes), mozzarella cheese bites, carrot coins, bunny crackers, yogurt melts and pretzels.  I used these flower cups and my favorite green silicone cup to divide it all up. There’s a waving pink fox from this set in the cheese.

Colorful Superhero Bento packed in a PlanetBox

I was totally inspired by Wendolonia’s Hulk lunchbox last week and sent Andrew to school with one of his own on Tuesday. He always gets excited when I break out the superhero stampers. The sandwiches are on a bed of baran leaves for color and I added a few of our superhero rings to the apples. He also had a star cup with bunny crackers, cucumbers and almond crackers. It was all packed in the PlanetBox.

February 27, 2014

Colorful, fresh bento lunches.

Andrew’s Thursday lunch was full of dogs and cats! I love these new cute picks! His turkey roll-ups, Chex, strawberries, carrots and cashews were all packed in the lock&lock box. I included a tiny flower cup to hold the cashews.

Flower Bento in a Yumbox

Caroline’s Thursday lunch was my favorite of the week! I made the flower cheese bites using these cutters and the letter O from my alphabet set. There’s probably a better way to make the tiny circles in the middle, but it worked and they were cute. :) The flowers sat on top of a few crackers. The rest of the compartments held cinnamon Chex, carrots, blueberry yogurt and grapes with a flower pick. She loved this lunch and ate it all. Success!

Stay warm out there folks!


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