Dinosaur Birthday Party + Free Printables

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Andrew turned five last week, and we decided to go all out for his big celebration. He was so excited to invite his friends to our house, talking for months about who would be able to come and how much fun they would all have.

It’s no secret that dinosaurs are Andrew’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, so I put my creativity and my new Illustrator skillz to the test to create an epic dino bash for our favorite five year old. I had so much fun putting this party together. It was my favorite party so far, and I’ve decided I could just plan kid parties full time. I think they’re my love language. Ha!

Below is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about throwing a dinosaur party. I’ll have a list of sources at the end as well as links to download and print the party circles, the flag banner and the water bottle wrappers for your own dinosaur party.

First up, the food table.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

I know my strengths and making food for a party is not one of them. The closest thing I did to cooking was wash and place the fruit in the cups, and that was just fine with me. There’s a lot to do on party day and not needing to worry about the food takes much of the pressure off the host.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

I had three different kinds of candies/sweets – peanut butter dino eggs, dinosaur lassos and dino fruit snacks.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

We served pretzels, or prehistoric bones, in navy paper cups.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

We needed something at least a little healthy so we had grapes and blueberries, also served in the paper cups. These were for the herbivore dinos. :)

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

We also had popcorn because it’s easy to serve in these cute little treat boxes and everyone loves it. Andrew said the popcorn was rocks and dirt for the dinosaurs to walk on.

I didn’t get a good photo, but for the carnivores we had a giant plate of chick-fil-a nuggets and every single one of them were eaten. You can’t have a party without nuggets friends!

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

I love the look of a cake, but I like to serve cupcakes, so I bought cheap, but still tasty, cupcakes from Tom Thumb and jazzed them up with adorable toppers, which are included as a free printable below. Also? I’ve learned my lesson and will always have white icing cupcakes. The other parents are so thankful. :)

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

The wonderful footprint cake was huge! It was three layers and enough to feed a ton of people. We had cake every day for a week and still had enough to share with our neighbors.

All the food was in the dining room and the kids mostly ate outside, saving our floors. I was pleasantly surprised at how clean it was when everyone left. Maybe they’re just all getting older and cleaner. Ha!

We served water and juice boxes in the kitchen on the bar.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

I used the party circles here again. They’re so handy!

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing


Back in the dining room, I wanted to dress up the china cabinet behind the food table. I made the flag banner and then attached the party circles in the middle. (Printable below.)

Dinosaur Birthday Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Dinosaur Birthday Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

My biggest concern with having a five year old party at home was that we wouldn’t be able to keep them entertained, but we ended up with plenty for them to do. I put together a quick craft table inside which the kiddos loved. Andrew spent at least 30 minutes in here coloring a T-Rex.

Outside we had small sandboxes and buried a few dino skeletons for the kids to dig out. This was especially fun for some of the younger siblings, but Andrew’s friends played in them too.

I also booked a bounce house in a moment of panic thinking of 20 kids roaming my house, but I think we actually could have gotten away without it because we had so much fun with Tammy from Studio Bella and her awesome dinosaur art adventures.

Dinosaur Birthday Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

The kids all got to hunt for dinosaur eggs – real eggs with dinos inside!

Dinosaur Birthday Party + Printables

Dinosaur Birthday Party + Printables

And then they used their hatched dinosaurs to put together a little prehistoric diorama complete with puffy clouds, sticks and rocks.


I was so impressed with Tammy and all that she did! I’m pretty sure she and her art expertise will make an appearance at our next party. The kids were so proud of their boxes and were excited to take them home.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Along with their dinosaur worlds each kid took home a little goodie bag. They were full of mini dinosaurs, dino stamps, dinosaur stickers and silly bandz and a few lollipops. I finished them off with twine and a little clothes pin with a heart sticker. Andrew wasn’t so sure about the hearts, but I thought they were a sweet touch. :)

Creating this party and all its paper decor from scratch was a blast! I’ve been taking online classes and teaching myself Illustrator since Christmas and this was my first chance to put it all into practice. I just loved it all and am happy to get to share it with you! You can download everything below.

>>>>>>>PARTY CIRCLES PDF<<<<<<<

Dinosaur Party Circles Printable // MeaganMusing

>>>>>>>FLAG BANNER PDF<<<<<<<

Dinosaur Printable Flag Banner // MeaganMusing


Dino Party Water Bottle Label Printable // MeaganMusing

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Please share and enjoy! :)


Art/Talent/Crafts: Studio Bella for Kids – I cannot recommend them enough!
Bounce House: Dallas Party Rentals
Dinosaur Footprint Cake: Society Bakery 
Paper cups/treat boxes/plates/napkins: TomKat Studio
Craft Paper Goodie Bags: Whisker Graphics
Andrew’s Dino T-shirt: ZenThread on Etsy

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    What a wonderful blog! And what a wonderful party! I loved working with the kids and creating the eggs, and planning the big art event of the day. Thanks for sharing. Will pass on!

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    I love this theme! You pulled it together so well. Maybe I’ll have grandsons someday, then I can use it. Your son will have great memories of this. I had big themed parties for my girls when they were little and they still talk about the parties….good memories!

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