Simple Bentos // April 28 – May 8

Y’all, we’re down to our very last week of school!

I am both thrilled and terrified. Ha!

If you’re looking for a little bit of lunch inspiration for your last few days of school, here you go. I have to say I feel like I’ve lost steam with the creative lunch packing these last few days, but they’re still cute and the kids love ’em anyway.

April 28, 2014

Simple Bento Lunches // Personalized

Andrew had a cute little lunch just for him this Monday. He had a cut up turkey dog, cinnamon bread in a flower shaped cup, carrots, a handful of purple grapes and a few cheerios. I included two dipping cups with ketchup and dressing. He loves finding his initials in his lunchbox!

April 29, 2014

Simple Bentos // Hello Kitty Sandwich

Caroline took this adorable lunch packed in our Lunchbots Duo. I cut her ham sandwich using the animal shape from the CuteZCute set and topped it with a Hello Kitty piece. The bottom container held green grapes and sliced strawberries and a heart shaped cup with Cheerios. I added a few Hello Kitty picks as well.

Simple Bentos // Goodbyn Dinosaurs

This lunch was completely directed by Andrew and it was kind of a mess. Ha! He ended up with shredded wheat, peanut butter celery, a sliced egg and strawberries in the Goodbyn container. He then decided it needed dinosaurs so we topped it with a happy dino topper and a flag. Then at the last minute he decided he wanted leftover pizza in his thermos so it was a big lunch and he didn’t eat much of it. Sometimes I think having TOO much food can overwhelm him.

May 1, 2014

Simple Bentos // Butterfly in an #EasyLunchbox

This little butterfly lunch for Caroline was just adorable! I added giant sprinkles to the butterfly wings and used carrot sticks for the antennae. The other containers of this Easy Lunchbox held Cheerios and raspberries with a mini bumblebee pick. So cute!

Simple Bentos // Texas Pride

I packed a sandwich for Andrew too. This Texas cutter is one of my favorites! Our babysitter gave it to us, and I just love it! It splits the sandwich into pieces and I added the star on top. But I can’t find it online anywhere. :( I also included a star shaped cup filled with raspberries and the other two cups from the Yubo set included yogurt and spicy corn sticks from our NatureBox snacks.

May 5, 2014

Simple Bentos // Cinco De Mayo Style

Ole! This little Mexican-style lunch was so fun for Cinco De Mayo! It was all packed in our Laptop Lunches box. I divided one of the big compartments with two silicone cups and filled them with corn and black beans. The other big container held tortilla chips and homemade guac. I added a little “fiesta” to sliced watermelon and tossed in a few peanut butter bites I made over the weekend using this recipe. I LOVED them but the kids were kind of meh about them.

May 6, 2014

Simple Bentos // Spiderman Style

Andrew’s been begging for superhero sandwiches for almost every lunch lately. This day I decided to go with the Spiderman theme. This lunch was packed in our Lunchbots Trio. He had two Spiderman stamped sandwiches, a star cup holding Avengers chocolate crackers, sliced cucumbers, stripey apples and a dots cup for dipping. I included a blue spider which Andrew loved!

Simple Bentos // Hello Kitty

How adorable is this? I LOVE making a Hello Kitty sandwich for Caroline.  I again used our CuteZCute cutter to make the kitty cat and added a little bow. She also had sliced apples and a heart cup of Cheerios. The Hello Kitty picks can be found here. It was all packed in the Duo.

May 8, 2014

Simple Bentos // Mini Box Preschool Style

Caroline had a tiny little lunch this day. It was packed in this darling two-tier panda box. The bottom layer held  watermelon and ham slices. On the top, a tiny flower cup held yogurt covered raisins next to a handful of  goldfish. It wasn’t quite enough food so I included a Plum smoothie. She loves these!

Simple Bentos // Superheroes

Andrew had yet another superhero lunch. This one was packed in our other panda box. The bottom layer held ham roll-ups in a silicone cup and more Avengers crackers. The top layer held watermelon and cucumber slices. I included a few superhero rings to jazz it up.

I have TWO lunches left to pack for this school year. Andrew will need lunch for a week or two of summer camps, but other than that I have the summer off!

I’ll be back with the last weeks of school lunches for y’all soon.


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