A Week of Simple Bentos

I’ve managed to pack lots more lunches this summer than I was planning to. We’re on our fourth week of summer already, and I’m currently packing my second week of Andrew lunches. But even those two weeks off have been really nice.

He’s at dinosaur camp this week, and I’ve challenged myself to make a different dino lunch every day. I’m having way too much fun! But he told me on Monday that he had the coolest lunch in the cafeteria. :) Yay!

Here I’m sharing lunches from one of our last few weeks of school, but look out for dinosaur overload soon!

Enjoy! And as always, please let me know if you have any questions!

May 12, 2014

Simple Bentos // Superheroes & #PlanetBox

This was a quick Superhero lunch for Andrew on a Monday morning. I always know he’ll love these sandwiches. I bought these cutters a few years ago at  Williams-Sonoma and I check often to see if they’re back in stock, but all they have now are the Star Wars cutters. You can find this Marvel set on Amazon, but they’re asking $50 – highway robbery! So I looked on Ebay and there’s a set listed for $75. Insanity! If you’re looking for something more reasonable, I think this shop on Etsy looks super cute. I may order the Flash cutter. Andrew would be thrilled!

The rest of the lunch included raspberries, oranges and chocolate Avengers snacks all packed in a crowd favorite, the PlanetBox.

May 13, 2014

Simple Bentos // 4 Up

This little divided box is one of my favorites for busy mornings. Anyone can find something to put into four separate boxes, am I right?  This day I filled Caroline’s with carrots and purple grapes, a heart shaped cup of cinnamon Chex and two stacked mini car ham sandwiches.

Simple Bentos // CuteZcute Cat

Andrew’s lunch was equally simple. I stamped a cat sandwich, and added some Scooby bones, carrots and raspberries. It was all packed in the Lunchbots Duo.

May 15, 2014

Simple Bentos // Superstar

This was the day of Andrew’s preschool performance. He was a little nervous about singing on stage with everyone so I wanted to remind him that he’s my superstar! I made a star shaped turkey sandwich with a shooting star baran, a star shaped fruit strip, strawberries and carrots and spicy corn sticks from our NatureBox.  So cute and his performance was adorable!

Simple Bentos // #Yumbox Flowers

Yumbox for Caroline! She had ham rollups, yogurt, strawberries, crackers and fruit strings. I topped the crackers with cheesy summer flowers! :)

I follow Yumbox on Instagram and it looks like they’re coming out with new shapes and colors this summer! I’m SO excited. I’ve wanted a more girly color box for Caroline but didn’t really want to order another just the same as this green one, but if I can get one with different compartments then sign me up! You can sign up on their website to know as soon as they’re available. They were wait listed at the beginning of school last year so don’t wait too long!

Happy lunch packing!


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