Baby Girl’s Nursery

As soon as we found out we were having a girl I started thinking about how I wanted to decorate her nursery.

I started this board on Pinterest, and went to Home Depot to look at paint colors.

I decided I wanted to paint the walls a soft blue/gray color, but had a hard time finding just the one I wanted. I also had an idea of what I was looking for in bedding, but couldn’t quite nail it down. Remember this post?

We finally decided on the Lily Bedding from Pottery Barn. I love its patchwork look and all the colors are soft and lovely. Also, that ruffly bed skirt? Couldn’t be prettier.

Then we chose Light French Gray walls, Pastel China for the ceiling, and had the chair rail added. (The pink ceiling was my mom’s idea and I love it.)

And everything else kind of fell in to place from there.

Here is the finished room:



The furniture is Andrew’s old furniture; it’s Young America by Stanley.


I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest to make the fabric embroidery hoops. They were so easy. I’m the least crafty person ever, and even I could do it.


The prints over the crib are from this shop on Etsy, and I ordered the frames from Exposures.

The chandelier and lamp are both from Pottery Kids and the glider is from Little Castle.


The drapes are custom from Calico Corners and we will be able to use them for a long, long time. I decided to go with the plaid, thinking we could pair it with lots of things as she gets older and wants a more grownup room.


We hung these old hooks from Ballard Designs with ribbons for hair bow storage over by the changing table.


And now we’re just waiting for her arrival so we can name her and hang her monogram over the changing table. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go with this one from Etsy in pink.

I’m so happy with her room. I keep wandering in there just to look around. I’m so anxious for her to get here. So soon!


She’s here and we finally named her: Caroline Claire.

Here’s the monogram over her changing table. It’s a brighter pink than I thought it was going to be, but it’s pretty and adds a nice little pop to that side of the room.


I did end up ordering it from Leen the Graphics Queen on Etsy and I’m so happy with the font. It’s so pretty!

Sweet Shot Day

Handy Man

Brian is a bit of a perfectionist which can sometimes drive me crazy, but also leads to incredibly accurate and thorough results when it comes to my honey-do lists.

This weekends’ list was long, and the toughest job was to hang the drapes in the nursery. The project involved a saw, a drill, a tape measure and some fancy math.


And lucky Brian, as soon as he gets his tool bag out Andrew is right there by his side to “help”.


Clearly he’s really handy with a hammer.

So I have to hang out too and keep an eye on Andrew to make sure he doesn’t stick a screw driver in the wall outlet. Doesn’t everyone love an audience for their home improvement projects?



There were a few tense moments when the studs were in the wrong places, but he was able to make it work anyway. And my stud, well….




And look! He did it!

Baby Girl Bedding & 34 Weeks

Our crib bedding finally arrived last Friday afternoon. I was so excited to get to put a bit of the nursery together.


Sweet Shot Day

We ended up going with the Pottery Barn Lily bedding. It is a good thing I ordered it back in April, because they’ve now taken it off their website, and I guess they aren’t selling it anymore.

Our set was backordered for two months and then they extended it for another 3 weeks. I was getting worried about it.


I’ve ordered drapes and a new glider based on the colors in the bedding so I’m very relieved to have it.


It is so girly and ruffly, but since we went with the light french gray walls I feel like it’s not too over-the-top pink.



Our drapes are panels made with a soft plaid with the light pink, blues and greens. I’m really happy with them and can’t wait for them to get here.

I’m working on the closet a bit this week and will start washing onesies and dresses and swaddles soon.

34 Weeks today:


Ahhh….so, so close.

And, I can’t resist sharing this shot of Andrew because he just looked too darn cute in his little overalls yesterday.


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