Odds & Ends // 03

Odd & Ends // 03

Favorite Preschool Project Yet

It’s been a week. Being out of town last weekend left me feeling like I had so much to catch up on over the following days. But we made it. It’s Friday! And we’re headed to the Mavs playoff game against the Spurs tonight and I’m just praying really hard that we can force a game 7 against the #1 seed.

During game 5 I looked and Brian and said, “Why do I love this game? It just stresses me out!” but I do, and I’ll keep watching and cheering.

1. I realized yesterday that Brian and I were engaged 10 years ago Wednesday. TEN years! That means our anniversary is coming up this fall. This post from Shauna Niequist on marriage as our love story is just awesome. “We’re living a love-story, not running a small business together.” Our minister recently did a marriage sermon series and he really stressed this as well. 

2. “The powerful difference between organizing and decluttering”. I’ve read Tsh’s book, Organized Simplicity and loved it. It spurned a months-long decluttering project at our house. This article was a nice reminder that it’s an ongoing process.

3. Pretty sure I have to add these girl and boy sandwich stampers to my next BentoUSA order.

4. I recently found Robin Long’s Pilates blog, The Balanced Life, and I’m loving it. Her videos are short and easy to follow. She’s offering a summer Pilates series starting in May and I’m hoping to participate. Any other takers?? :)


ONE. We’re all about the Frozen radio station on iTunes Radio right now. Andrew can name the movie for just about every Disney song ever written, I’m sure of it. We have music on all the time at the house and it’s nice to know Blurred Lines isn’t going to come up next. Ha!

TWO. I just picked up my flared legged jeans from the tailor. I think I may wear them to the basketball game tonight. I just don’t know if I’m young and trendy enough to pull them off though.

THREE. I’m ready to do some serious decorating in here. If only I had endless funds. Ha! My custom fabric ottomans from Ballard Design should be here in the next few weeks and I’ll finally be able to fill the giant hole between the couches in my living room. Next up is the empty living room wall. My vision is to fill it with new and old framed oil paintings, kind of like this:

Oil Painting Wall

My sister is willing to help which is awesome. She has quite the eye. I’m also planning to spend some time on my mudroom project this weekend. It’s coming right along! I’m excited just to be making some progress. House projects are time consuming and force us to be decisive which can be really hard. The hardest part for me is sourcing stuff. Where do I find pretty old oil paintings and eclectic frames? I think this should be a blog post on its own.

FOUR. I took one of those personality tests this week. I’m an ESTJ. I look the same test years and years ago and I was an ESTJ then too so I guess it’s pretty accurate. “Order, tradition and stability.” Yep, that kinda sounds like me. I find these things fascinating. But I look at the list of famous ESTJ’s and can’t help but think I should be doing more. I’m not really using my ability “to make even the most complex project look like a walk in the park.” Not much complex problem solving going on here these days.

FIVE. My StitchFix box just arrived! I’m off to try on clothes! (Seriously complex problems to solve! Ha!)

Happy happy weekend friends. I hope yours is warm and sunny and FUN!


Lipstick Hoarder

Lipstick Hoarding

I went to clean out my purse this morning and realized that my love for lipstick has reached hoarder proportions.

It’s crazy in here, y’all!

That’s SIXTEEN lipsticks in my PURSE.

I blame my beloved Nana. She too loved a good lip color, but she had the good sense not to carry them all around with her every day. These things are heavy!

I always, always, ALWAYS have lipstick on. I might slack off a little and swipe on a colorful lip gloss first thing in the morning without applying a lipstick base. But that’s only in the morning before I’ve even brushed my teeth. Ha! Bare lips just feel wrong to me.

Lipstick Hoarder

The sad part is that they’re all pretty similar colors. I have lots of dark pinks with a little bit of sparkle. Good winter colors. There are a few pretty reds.

And I’m still loving those big lip balms. The Covergirl glossy balm in Ruby Twist is a great sheer color. But I probably don’t need to carry all three of these around with me every day.

Lipstick Hoarder

The Urban Decay in Manic is my current favorite. That may change tomorrow, but it’s a pretty pink and stays on so well. I also still love my Sugar Shine Lip Treatment. It’s perfect over a pretty matte lipstick.

So today I’ve picked those three to carry in my purse. The rest are going in my insanely full makeup drawer in my bathroom.

How many lipsticks are in your bag right now? Could you win one of those “What’s in Your Purse?” competitions? :)

Project Organization: Mudroom

Project Organization: Mudroom
We’ve been in this house for almost a year now – it’s amazing how quickly it’s gone! We’ll be here for a long, long time and wanted to take things relatively slowly, finding and adding items we truly loved and not just buying things to fill the space.

The first six months or so were spent on big projects: furniture, lighting, rugs and window coverings. Things that had to be done, but that were really expensive. We took a long break over Christmas and haven’t really done much around the house in a few months.

I’m itching to get back to it!

I felt like I unpacked our boxes pretty strategically last summer, but there are still lots of rooms that ended up with stuff just crammed in and not well planned out. One of those was the mudroom. This is a really important room. It’s right off the kitchen, across from my desk space.

Off the Kitchen Desk Nook

So I spend a ton of time in here.


We also keep the kids’ shoes, backpacks and jackets in here. The shoes are stored in the lower baskets and I love how convenient it is. We can grab them on our way out the door and they’re quick for them to put away in the evenings.

I started out using the pretty woven baskets on the bottom and they scratched up the white paint on the cubbies and kept them looking dirty all the time. We just pulled them in and out of the cubbies too much for the woven baskets to be practical.

A few months ago I switched them out for these canvas bins that I already had. I bought them a few years ago at the Container Store, but I only have two and they don’t sell them anymore.

So we’ve had mismatched baskets down there ever since. Mostly because they’re an odd size cubby, and I’ve had a hard time finding bins to fit. That’s my first action item.


-Find matching bins that fit the lower cubbies.
-Clean out the current bags/jackets/mess.
-Find new places for the bags we don’t use everyday.
-Find matching baskets for two of the upper cubbies.
-Decorate the other two uppers with pretty things.
-Label baskets and bins.
-Decide on whether or not to make a bench cushion.
-Make it colorful and fun!


We store our things that need to be returned to Target and other places up there on the top. And Brian decided this was a good spot for his hats. I don’t mind them there, but I think they need to be contained a little better.  There’s a lot of junk up there that I find the kids with and stick up top to keep out of their hands – ha!

So, it’ll be a fun project – a good place to start since my next projects are our playroom with way too many toys, our master bedroom with no furniture, and a giant empty wall in the living room.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the mudroom project!

This is my very favorite of my Pinterest boards. Everything here makes me happy if you’re looking for a little inspiration:

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