Kindergarten Sight Words – Dinosaur Matching

Free Kindergarten Sight Word Dinosaur Game Printable // Meagan Musing

We’re busy getting ready for Andrew to start Kindergarten in the fall. I’m actually really excited about it. Not the super early mornings, but the making new friends and learning new things and growing and changing parts. I’m excited to see what he’s going to learn this year. And I’m super excited for him to become a proficient reader.

Growing up, I always had a book in my hand. I read dozens of Nancy Drew and Boxcar Kids and a new Babysitters Club book was heaven for me! But even before those series books, Mom would take us to the library every week to stock up on reading material. It was an activity I always looked forward to, and I so hope Andrew and Caroline will grow to love books the way I did and still do.

But first, we have to get him reading a little better. :) He’s doing really well for a kid who hasn’t even started school yet. He knows a good pile of sight words and can sound most things out. Sight words are so important to reading development, but I’ve had a hard time getting him to put down the LEGOs and work on them.

So I decided to create a dinosaur game. We all know Andrew loves dinosaurs – ha! And he’s loving this little matching game!

Kindergarten Sight Words Printable // Meagan Musing

I think your little new reader will too!

There are three pages of dinosaur words: a stegosaurus, t-rex and a brachiosaurus – and one page of matching word circles. All you’ll need to do to get your dinosaur lover playing is to print the dino pages and cut out the circles and he’ll be ready to learn!

Kindergarten Sight Words Printable // Meagan Musing

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Make sure you sit down with him and have him read the word before he finds the match. That way you’ll be there if he gets stuck.

Happy dinosaur matching! :)

Dinosaur Birthday Party + Free Printables

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Andrew turned five last week, and we decided to go all out for his big celebration. He was so excited to invite his friends to our house, talking for months about who would be able to come and how much fun they would all have.

It’s no secret that dinosaurs are Andrew’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, so I put my creativity and my new Illustrator skillz to the test to create an epic dino bash for our favorite five year old. I had so much fun putting this party together. It was my favorite party so far, and I’ve decided I could just plan kid parties full time. I think they’re my love language. Ha!

Below is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about throwing a dinosaur party. I’ll have a list of sources at the end as well as links to download and print the party circles, the flag banner and the water bottle wrappers for your own dinosaur party.

First up, the food table.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

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Halloween Lunches

I’ve been meaning to post these all week!

Here are a few of our recent bentos – lots of Halloween fun if you’re looking for some inspiration today! :)

Halloween Bento

This lunch was packed in our Laptop Lunchbox. Andrew had a cutie with a little leaf pick so it looked like a pumpkin, ghostly strawberries, spidery ham and cheese, Scooby bones, cucumbers with ranch dressing for dipping and monster eyed popcorn. Adorable!

Halloween Bentos

Andrew asked for a monster Oreo so he got a little treat this day. :) He also had stamped jack-o-lantern sandwiches highlighted with an orange food marker, an orange cup with spider webbed cheerios, BOO! berries, cucumber with dressing for dipping and yogurt raisins. I made a little pumpkin pick with a puffy sticker and a toothpick too. What a super easy way to dress up a lunch! This was all packed in the PlanetBox.

Halloween Bentos

We made it to Halloween day! Whew!

I made little jack-o-lantern chips out of tortillas, a pumpkin cookie cutter and a few little pieces from this face making set. You could also just use a knife, but it was nice to have the help with the cutters. Andrew thought the monster face on the left was super spoooooooky, which he loved! Ha!

(Here’s a link to a full tutorial on the jack-o-lantern chips. Caroline and I are having ghost chips for lunch! You can do a lot using this technique.)

He had ham rollups with a ghost pick, spider web carrots, yogurt with ghost sprinkles and raspberries with candy eyes.

And that’s the end of our Halloween bentos for the year! I’m a little sad, but kinda ready to get back to normal lunches too. I’ve got some cute fall ideas and then maybe a Christmas lunch or two, but I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. Ha!

Have a super fun Halloween with your little ones today! I can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with my little skeleton and bumble bee tonight! :)

Halloween Costumes