Time for Us

Spending Time at Home

I took the kids to get haircuts yesterday.

I took them out to dinner on my own tonight.

I really, really missed them while Brian and I were out of town two weeks ago and couldn’t wait to hear Caroline’s silly stories when we got back.

Tonight at bedtime Andrew asked if he could rub my back and give me pats because he knew I was tired.

I feel like we’re in a sweet spot.


It won’t last long. Caroline’s mood changes with the wind. So she could wake up grumpy tomorrow and stay that way for two weeks. But hopefully she won’t. And we’re going to have to potty train soon. I’m really not looking forward to that.

Andrew starts Kindergarten in the fall and he’s going to change and grow and learn new things and make new friends. He’s so excited and ready for it!

But I want this summer to be a summer about us.

I’ve been hesitant to put the kids in team sports. They’re still so little, but lately I’ve been feeling really guilty that Andrew’s not in soccer yet – just tennis and swimming once a week each. This afternoon he begged not to go to swimming. He just wanted to go home and play at home he said, with me and Caroline too.

Kids need to be at home. They crave it. They need downtime just like we do. 

Almost every night at bedtime Caroline reminds me that her family is all here. Mama and Daddy and Andrew and Caroline and my dog Fenway she says. This is our house.

One of the most important jobs we have as mothers is to teach them that we are their family. They’re safe with us and will always be there no matter what the season or struggle. And so this summer, our last before Andrew spends the bulk of his days away from us, I will soak us all up, this amazing little family of mine.

Odds & Ends

Five on Friday Eater Edition

I have a few odds & ends to share with y’all today.

1. These photos of tiny snails made my day.  I mean…wow!

2. This is probably the most awesome pantry ever. It makes mine look very, very sad.

3. Do you ever want to fake a clean house? No, just me? A laundry basket and a little closet space will do wonders. Also, the bit about the pillows is my go-to. I just can’t handle it if our pillows are all floppy and out of place.

4. I talked about staying motivated as a hobbyist photographer earlier this week and then I totally fell off the wagon and missed two days of my photo-a-day project. That’s okay. I think I’ll just skip ’em.


ONE. I’m on day 10 of my first gel manicure and so far, so good. I should be able to go a full two weeks no problem, maybe stretch it out to 20 days or so. They still look great, but my nails are growing and you can see the empty space below the polish.

TWO. Dallas is a green wonderland. Finally. We put Caroline in the stroller and walked to dinner tonight. It was beautiful. The thing about spring in Dallas is that you have to enjoy every minute because you just know you’re about to wake up to 85 degree mornings and 100 degrees days and then there’s no turning back. Live it up while you can!

THREE. We’re hunting Easter eggs on Saturday. I asked the bunny to come early and everything. This will allow us to only do church on Sunday and spend the rest of the day relaxing and not worrying about making it to egg hunts and brunch and pushing Caroline until she turns into a crazy person. Although that will probably still happen. Because she’s two.

FOUR. I bought a pair of tall heels a few weeks ago and I’ve worn them twice this week in an attempt to look taller and more put-together. I used to wear heels daily but now my feet are killing me. They’re just so dang used to their flats and sneakers. I blame motherhood. :)

FIVE. I’ve been trying to get to bed early lately so that it’s easier for me to get up early – you know, just get into a good sleeping routine. But I’ve been foiled by Andrew who is often still awake at 9:30 or even later. The other night he said, “Mom. I just don’t want to sleep. There’s so much other stuff to dooooooo.” And I wanted to cry because I totally get it. But I’m tired.

I hope your Easter weekend is blessed, and that you feel the strength of God’s love and grace for each and every one of us. Yes, even you.


Linking up for the first time. :)

Silly Faces

Silly Faces

I try to keep things pretty lighthearted around our house. It’s a must, living with a five year old and a two year old and a husband who works all the time. Otherwise things just get stressful, and I start to take it all too seriously and flip out over upside down socks –> not wise. Let them go.

But I get frustrated. My children are adorable and funny and sweet and loving. But they’re also terrible listeners who fight with each other and whine and beg for snacks every 30 minutes. I have to be the one to choose to keep things lighthearted. I set the tone of our days.

I am one of the blessed ones who can say that my own mom was awesome at this. I know she must have lost her cool with my sister and me many times, but I honestly cannot think of an example so it couldn’t have been too traumatizing.

But she used to make this funny face. She’d stick out her bottom teeth and bare them at us, while laughing of course. And while my memory is like that of an 80 year old woman, I don’t think she did it when she was mad. I remember that she just did it to be funny.

So now my mom’s silly face has turned into my stress reliever with the kids.

Silly Faces

When they’re whining about having apples instead of chips? “Grrrrrrr” ::silly face::

When they’re begging to watch Team Umizoomi for the sixth time? “Grrrrrr” ::silly face::

When they’re fighting over the same toy for the millionth time in the last hour? “Grrrrrr” ::silly face:: and everyone go outside!

They laugh like it’s the funniest thing they’ve ever seen. I meant for it to come across as real annoyance the first time I showed it to Andrew. He was driving me crazy with his arguing, and I wanted him to stop and I bared my bottom teeth and Grrrr-ed like a silly dog. I guess I wasn’t really that angry because it clearly didn’t look mean at all. He just laughed and laughed.

Silly Faces

I was frustrated at first. Why aren’t they taking this seriously? I’m really mad at them! Ha! But I totally rolled with it, and now my silly face can defuse lots of situations.

What do you do to keep things lighthearted with your young kids?