Project Organization: Mudroom

Project Organization: Mudroom
We’ve been in this house for almost a year now – it’s amazing how quickly it’s gone! We’ll be here for a long, long time and wanted to take things relatively slowly, finding and adding items we truly loved and not just buying things to fill the space.

The first six months or so were spent on big projects: furniture, lighting, rugs and window coverings. Things that had to be done, but that were really expensive. We took a long break over Christmas and haven’t really done much around the house in a few months.

I’m itching to get back to it!

I felt like I unpacked our boxes pretty strategically last summer, but there are still lots of rooms that ended up with stuff just crammed in and not well planned out. One of those was the mudroom. This is a really important room. It’s right off the kitchen, across from my desk space.

Off the Kitchen Desk Nook

So I spend a ton of time in here.


We also keep the kids’ shoes, backpacks and jackets in here. The shoes are stored in the lower baskets and I love how convenient it is. We can grab them on our way out the door and they’re quick for them to put away in the evenings.

I started out using the pretty woven baskets on the bottom and they scratched up the white paint on the cubbies and kept them looking dirty all the time. We just pulled them in and out of the cubbies too much for the woven baskets to be practical.

A few months ago I switched them out for these canvas bins that I already had. I bought them a few years ago at the Container Store, but I only have two and they don’t sell them anymore.

So we’ve had mismatched baskets down there ever since. Mostly because they’re an odd size cubby, and I’ve had a hard time finding bins to fit. That’s my first action item.


-Find matching bins that fit the lower cubbies.
-Clean out the current bags/jackets/mess.
-Find new places for the bags we don’t use everyday.
-Find matching baskets for two of the upper cubbies.
-Decorate the other two uppers with pretty things.
-Label baskets and bins.
-Decide on whether or not to make a bench cushion.
-Make it colorful and fun!


We store our things that need to be returned to Target and other places up there on the top. And Brian decided this was a good spot for his hats. I don’t mind them there, but I think they need to be contained a little better.  There’s a lot of junk up there that I find the kids with and stick up top to keep out of their hands – ha!

So, it’ll be a fun project – a good place to start since my next projects are our playroom with way too many toys, our master bedroom with no furniture, and a giant empty wall in the living room.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the mudroom project!

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Dinosaur Birthday Party + Free Printables

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

Andrew turned five last week, and we decided to go all out for his big celebration. He was so excited to invite his friends to our house, talking for months about who would be able to come and how much fun they would all have.

It’s no secret that dinosaurs are Andrew’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, so I put my creativity and my new Illustrator skillz to the test to create an epic dino bash for our favorite five year old. I had so much fun putting this party together. It was my favorite party so far, and I’ve decided I could just plan kid parties full time. I think they’re my love language. Ha!

Below is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about throwing a dinosaur party. I’ll have a list of sources at the end as well as links to download and print the party circles, the flag banner and the water bottle wrappers for your own dinosaur party.

First up, the food table.

Dinosaur Party + Free Printables // MeaganMusing

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Christmas at Home

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year. Brian’s mom was here and my parents came over after our late afternoon church service so we had five adults and our two young kiddos.

I planned the menu last week and grocery shopped Monday morning along with everyone else in town.

Caroline and I were the first to wake Christmas Eve morning and we quietly hid out in the laundry room, ironing placemats and napkins and dressing up dolls.

I spent the day polishing silver, prepping food, making place cards, setting the table so everything would be just so. We served dinner on my nana’s Christmas china and dessert on her candlewick plates. My silver is the same pattern she chose all those years ago and the one my mom uses so regularly.

Brian and I bustled in the kitchen while his mom kept the kiddos entertained. I was amazed that the timing all worked out and we sat down to a delicious and cozy dinner of perfectly roasted beef tenderloin, caprese salad, roasted chick peas + pistachios, green beans, and rosemary potatoes (recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s new holiday cookbook) with fabulous pies from my mother-in-law for dessert.

Brian said a beautiful Christmas Eve prayer and my mom cried so I felt like we were doing something right!

After dinner we all filed into the family room around the tree, and the kids opened their one present for the night, new coordinating pj’s.

Except Andrew’s were too big – they were out of his size and the size up were about six inches too long, but he didn’t care one bit. He was so excited because Santa was coming! and his family was there! and it was Jesus’ birthday! Christmas for a four and a half year old is so very awesome.

And it was pretty awesome for me too. It made me so happy to work hard to create a beautiful table and a tasty dinner to celebrate this holy holiday with our families. This was the first time we have successfully hosted a holiday without my mom having to come rescue my meal – I tried the first Christmas after Caroline was born and it was SO BAD.

This Christmas dinner though, this, made me feel like a real grownup. I have the very best memories of Nana and Pop’s and those easy Christmases of my childhood surrounded by our extended families, but the chance to spend a relaxed Christmas at home, in our new home that feels so very us, was really special too.

And I think the kids thought it was pretty special on Christmas morning.

I will never look at this photo and not smile, right?

As per our usual, I will take down the tree and pack away all the Christmas decorations on New Year’s Day. It’s always a little bittersweet, but I think it may even be more so this year. We’ve had a really beautiful first Christmas in this house.