May and then June

May // Andrew + Caroline

Looking back over the last two or three years, the blog always goes pretty silent this time of year.

It must be the weather. I’m trying to soak up every last day of warm, comfortable temperatures before the blazing heat rolls in. This time of year also brings the end of school craziness and laziness and I just want to sit on the back patio with a glass of cool white wine and watch the kiddos run around and not hurt each other.

Caroline // May

Well, now that it’s June it’s hotter than hot outside, and I don’t want to go out there for even a minute. So I guess I can come back to the blog. Ha!

What have we been up to?

Andrew graduated from Pre-K and I held back tears for days. I’m just so very proud of him. It sure is a good thing Caroline is still at our little school because otherwise I would have been a sad, sad mama.

These are their last day of school photos.

I LOVE them. The kids and the photos.

May // Andrew

I’ve been really lousy at picking up the camera since I bailed on my 365 Project, but these photos reminded me of why I started in the first place. (I may get back to it after this little break.)

May // Caroline

Here’s a bold statement:

I’ve decided that this is the summer I’m going to teach myself to cook.

Which means I’m spending hours and hours in the kitchen. I’ve been really motivated lately to feed myself and my family wholesome, nutrient filled foods rather than so much of the junk that is readily available to us these days. While it’s a whole lot easier to pop some Tyson chicken nuggets in the oven than it is to dice up my own chicken, dredge it in whole wheat breadcrumbs and olive oil and bake it, I know exactly what I’m cooking when I do that. And it’s delicious!

I’ve found that the key to the cooking is planning (and confidence, but I think that takes time). I’m becoming a meal planner! Finally, after all this time I think it’s going to stick.

I’m also keeping real stock of what’s in my refrigerator. All this produce and meat really eats up the budget, and I’ve been much better than I used to be about making sure we actually eat the foods we buy.

But I have to be realistic too. I’m not going to cook gourmet, healthy meals seven nights a week even as much fun as I’m having learning new recipes. So I’m cutting myself some slack and penciling in one day for leftovers and one day for takeout. I can’t go overboard and burnout!

Also my kids are still picky-ish, especially Caroline, and they just flat out refuse to eat so many things. I can’t get too fancy around here! Ha!

I’ve been inspired by lots of lovely ladies to clean up our meals and do more cooking at home. Instigram is full of foodie accounts, but I really enjoy Andrea at @GwynethMadeMeDoIt. She’s so real and cooks for her family, and isn’t super restrictive or preachy. She just cooks good, healthy foods and encourages us along the way. I also get lots of great tidbits from Madeline at @MadelineNutrition. She’s a certified nutrition consultant and shares helpful tips and recipes on all kinds of products and foods.

So if I’m not around here, you can probably find me in my kitchen, dicing and chopping and sauteing and making vegetables taste really, really good. :)

Caroline // May

Project 365, March 23 – April 5

Back again with the photos of our everyday. I’m going to try to split these up a bit because I have quite a few days to catch up on. :)

(I’m taking a photo a day (of my kids, mostly) with my Canon 7D in 2014. Join me!)

Our everydays have been jam packed lately, but they’ve been full of fun, and lots of laughter and evenings outside. We have to work them in now, while it’s still cool and mosquito-free enough. :)

Project 365 Day 82

“All My People Together” 82 // 365

Project 365 Day 83

“Lunch with Caroline” 83 // 365

Project 265 Day 84

“Post Swimming Dinner in a Robe” 84 // 365

Project 365 Day 85

 “Birthday Presents are Awesome” 85 // 365

Project 365 Day 86

“Caroline’s First Crazy Tennis Lesson” 86 // 365

Project 365 Day 87

“Tootsies” 87 // 365

Project 365 Day 88

“Cheese Love + Dinner Party” 88 // 36

Project 365 Day 89

“Cutie” 89 // 365

Project 365 Day 90

“Sweet Smile Face” 90 // 365

Project 365 Day 91

“Fuzzy’s. Our New Tuesday Night Hangout.” 91 // 365

Silly Faces

“Five Year Checkup!” 92 // 365

Project 365 Day 93

“April Cardio Challenge – Grrrrr” 93 // 365

Project 365 Day 94

“Dino Museum with Mimi!” 94 // 365

Project 365 Day 95

“Brrrrrrrrr” 95  // 365

Kindle on a Rainy Day

“A Cold Rainy Weekend” 96 // 365

Nurse Loves Farmer

Project 365, March 5 – March 22

I’m taking a photo a day (of my kids, mostly) with my Canon 7D in 2014. Join me!

Our life has pretty much been one big routine-busting activity after another since I last posted a Project 365 update.

Looking back, March 5th started out badly with me NOT TAKING AN INTENTIONAL PHOTO for the first time yet this year. What?? I was so sad when I finally uploaded and realized it. I have a feet selfie to share that day. Sorry folks. Then that weekend we hosted our super fun dinner party, which kind of consumed my spare time for the days leading up to it.

Then? routine-busting craziness: spring break started and the kids got sick, we went to my parents for a night and Andrew threw up, we didn’t sleep much and then he was sick the day he turned FIVE!, he missed two days of school, we decided at the last minute to move his birthday party to our house, we made a big school decision and then we changed up our work/nanny schedule.

Today, finally, finally seemed kind of normal. Thanks March.

So here’s a look at this wild month. I’m thrilled with very few of these photos. They mostly seem like forced snapshots, which is NOT what I want for this project. I’m hoping this week brings about both more intentional photos as well as more intentional time management.

Project 365 Day 64

“Distressed Jeans, Distressed Photographer” 64 // 365

Project 365 Day 65

“Car Cutie” 65 // 365

Project 365 Day 66

“She Looks So Innocent Eating Chips” 66 // 365

Project 365 Day 67

“Who, Me?” 67 // 365

Project 365 Day 68

“First Sick Day” 68 // 365

Project 365 Day 69

“So, What’s on your Schedule for the Day?” 69 // 365

Project 365 Day 70

“Concentration” 70 // 365

Project 365 Day 71

“Just One More Minute Mom” 71  // 365

Project 365 Day 72

“Monkey Man” 72 // 365

Project 365 Day 73

“Down on the Farm” 73 // 365

Project 365 Day 74

“Last Night as a FOUR Year Old!” 74 // 365

Project 365 Day 75

“Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!” 75 // 365

Project 365 Day 76

“Taste the Rainbow” 76 // 365

Project 365 Day 77

“Bounce!” 77 // 365

Project 365 Day 78

“Bright Eyes” 78 // 365

Project 365 Day 79

“You Are My Sunshine” 79 // 365

Project 365 Day 80

“Huge Bounce House Mama!” 80 // 365

Project 365 Day 81

“Dino Birthday Party Day” 81 // 365

Okay, even I’m a little tired of looking at all those photos, but now I’m all caught up. I want to keep them all here to come back and look at some day when I’m 80. And you know what I’m going to think when I look back at these when I’m 80? Andrew loved dinosaurs and Caroline loved getting into to trouble. Ha!

Nurse Loves Farmer